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Page 4 Premium Placement – Redmond Area: 36,000 Homes / 86,400 Residents 

Includes: Prineville, Terrebonne, Madras, Crooked River Ranch, Eagle Crest, plus 1,000 copies distributed to tourists & visitors!

Note: Space subject to availability.

Professionals only, no coupons please. Call for details.

Advertising Campaign

Cost Per Issue

Monthly Payment Plan

5 Issues

Spanning 12 Months*


3 Issues

Spanning 7 Months*


1 Issue

Spanning 2 Months*


 only $456 / month for 12 months

only $512 / month for 7 months


3¢ per home

3.3¢ per home

3.9¢ per home

Save an additional 10% with annual prepayment!
Rates include all graphic design work, printing and delivery via U.S. Mail.
There are no additional costs or fees.
Based on national statistics, households average 2.4 persons
*Approximate magazine lifespan varies slightly based on mail schedule