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One Magazine Per Household

One Magazine Per Household

Smart Shopper Magazine is locally owned & operated, and distributed in the mail by the U.S. Post Office.

Smart Shopper is by far Central Oregon’s most popular publication, with the best coupons and special offers in town. The hardworking local merchants who advertise in Smart Shopper provide these amazing deals only with our promise that each household receives one copy.

Therefore, Smart Shopper is never left in stacks around town and the coupons are not printable from the internet. Smart Shopper is available to residents of Central Oregon, and best of all, it’s FREE.

If you don’t already receive Smart Shopper but you wish to, click here.


Thanks for your loyal support!







At Smart Shopper we’re committed to creating stunning, beautiful ads for our clients while maintaining their individual brands and styles. This unique artwork sets Smart Shopper apart from other publications and is regarded as being of higher quality. We therefore understand our clients’ desire to utilize it elsewhere. We do wish to support our clients and, to that end, we’ll gladly provide and allow for the use of said artwork by the client in an internal capacity (e.g. on their website, in a brochure, on a menu, etc). However, Smart Shopper will not allow for the use of said artwork by other advertising companies, either in publications, on websites, or in any other form of advertising. Along those same lines, Smart Shopper does not use artwork from other publications.


Regarding Non-Profit / Community Support Ads: At Smart Shopper, we are happy to donate our time, resources, creativity, and a space in our publication, but the above policy still applies.






Ad Designs – Smart Shopper manages all ad creation and graphic design work, saving you time, effort and money, and ensuring maximum results. Our talented, expert team works closely with each client to create unique, stunning and effective ads while maintaining brand standards and incorporating our proprietary formulas and methods. We’ve worked with countless businesses, including some the world’s largest companies, for over 15 years. We understand the critical nature of this process quite well.


Ad Content – We’ll guide you through a simple process as we create your new ad! We carefully consider each element, which is vital in achieving a beautiful, effective ad. We’ll need just a few things, including your complete attention and clear communication. The short list below describes what’s required to begin. If any of the following isn’t readily available, let us know – we’re happy to help! Also let us know the best way to contact you so that we can be as efficient as possible and avoid wasting time.


  • Logo – Hi-res pdf, eps, png, jpg. If you don’t have a logo we’ll gladly create one for a reasonable fee (see Artwork below).

  • Copy – Simple text that describes your business and what’s special about it! Typically, consumers don’t want to read sentences or paragraphs, so it’s best to avoid lots of text. The cleanest ads tend to perform best – less is more!

  • Photography – Assuming a photo is necessary, hi-res stunning photography is required! We know it can be tough to get a great photo, but don’t worry – we’re also photographers! We’ll gladly take a professional quality photo or source one online just for you!

  • Contact Information

    • Phone Number

    • Address – with locator text if necessary (ex. ”across from…” or “next to…”)

    • Website / URL – to ensure maximum readability, we recommend using Title Case and removing unnecessary characters. For example:

  • Social Media – To achieve a cleaner look throughout Smart Shopper, which we feel is necessary in achieving the best possible results for our advertisers, references to social media are not allowed.

  • Special Offer – Not all businesses run coupons; realtors, for example, tend not to. However, if it’s a good fit for your business, we recommend that you do. We’ll help you to decide and, through careful consideration (product / service offerings, cost of goods & services, pricing structures, etc), we’ll guide you to an offer that makes sense for your particular business.


Artwork Ownership – All graphic design and artwork provided by Smart Shopper is the property of Smart Shopper. This artwork is not available for use by any other advertising or media company. The unique, stunning and effective ads we create set Smart Shopper apart from other publications. Similar to a chef creating a unique recipe, we do not share our extraordinary creations. Logo / photography usage and rights are billed at the rates below:

  • Custom Artwork Fee Schedule Logo / photography availability options:

    • Logo Creation $200… No Usage Rights

    • Custom Photography $200… No Usage Rights

    • Logo Creation $600…Full Usage Rights

    • Custom Photography $900…Full Usage Rights


Ad Positions / Requests Preferential ad positions are not available in Smart Shopper, as outlined below:

  • An integral component to Smart Shopper’s success is the organization of the magazine. It’s crucial that consumers perceive freshness, excitement and value in each issue. By moving ads around from issue to issue, consumers are more likely to read through the entire magazine, which of course benefits each advertiser. The freedom to regularly rotate content is critical in achieving all of this. Arranging the magazine in this manner aligns with our goals with respect to consumers, resulting in tremendous success for our advertisers. Out of this unique philosophy came our policy to not offer specific position placements.

  • Additional considerations relating to position requests:

    • Many clients have advertised in Smart Shopper for over a decade, without the option of preferential ad placement. It would be unfair to give one advertiser preferential treatment over another.

    • Given the option, nearly all advertisers would request a similar position, which of course would be impossible to accommodate.

    • Several years ago, prior to adopting this policy, we accommodated a client’s request for a particular ad position and they did see great results. However, in the next magazine cycle, their ad was moved to a different position - a position they were against - and the ad results actually increased! This proved the ad position was irrelevant to performance.

Coupons Allowed Per Ad

  • 1/6 pg – 1

  • 1/4 pg – 2

  • 1/3 pg – 2

  • 1/2 pg – 4

  • 2/3 pg – 4

  • 3/4 pg – 4

  • Full pg – 6

  • Front Cover – none

  • Back Cover – 4

Facebook & Social Media – Smart Shopper does not allow Facebook / Social Media mentions / icons within ads in its magazines. If we were to allow this, then all clients would want a Facebook reference, and soon all of the ads in Smart Shopper would have them. We feel that the references would primarily serve to clutter ad designs, and their ubiquity would cause the references to become meaningless. We strive for a clean and simple aesthetic that appeals to consumers, and we feel that social media mentions would ultimately clutter the entire magazine, negatively impacting both Smart Shopper and its clients.

We hope you can understand the meaning behind our social media policy. We don’t take this lightly. Over the long-term, we believe it’s for the greater good.

Deposits & Payments  A deposit of 50% of the cost of the first ad (or the first monthly payment if a client chooses our Monthly Payment Plan) is required to reserve a space in Smart Shopper Magazine. The remaining balance of 50% is due upon artwork approval. Payment dates are agreed upon and written into the advertising contract. Payments for subsequent ads are due on the dates specified in the advertising contract. Monthly payments are invoiced and due on the 1st of each month. Other payment options will be handled on a case by case basis. Your word and your signature are a commitment to pay for advertising in Smart Shopper magazine. Our acceptance of the deposit and your promise is our commitment to reserve your space in the magazine, work diligently to create an effective design and publish your ad. We take this seriously and you should too. Like you, we work hard to provide a valuable service – prompt payment is expected and required.


Artwork / Photography Policy

Advertising Policies

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